MidiYodi 2020.1 released introducing time signature setting in Bulk Editor!

MidiYodi 2019.2 released introducing File Explorer sorting!

MidiYodi 2019.1 released introducing bulk editing!

MidiYodi 2018.1 released.



MidiYodi is a MIDI Editor that allows editing, examination, playback and conversion of MIDI files.

MidiYodi is available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac and Unix.

MidiYodi contains a rich set of features such as:

MIDI File Examination
MidiYodi provides various tools to examine the layout and content of a MIDI file.

  • Main Window
    Displays the rolled-out contents of a MIDI file including a measure bar and all its tracks. Each track displays miniature 'notes', instrument and a volume curve. In addition meta information lanes displays markers, tempos, time signatures, key signatures, lyrics and text. (View)
  • MIDI File Explorer
    Scans entire folders for MIDI files and for each file displays information such as type, number of tracks, available instruments, song duration, tempo, key- and time signatures. (View)
  • Keyboard Examiner
    Allows editing of notes for a track in a keyboard like viewer. (View)
  • Score Examiner
    Displays all notes for a track in a score like viewer. (View)
  • Event Examiner
    Displays all events for a track including event position (beat, time and tick), category (meta, voice or system), type (note on/off, program change etc) and value. (View)
  • Lyrics Examiner
    Displays karaoke lyrics if available in the MIDI file. (View)

MIDI File Editing
MidiYodi offers a rich set of tools to edit the content and structure of a MIDI file.

  • MIDI file can be converted from type 0 to type 1 and vice versa.
  • Notes can added, removed, copied, moved and have velocity and pitch changed.
  • Tracks can be added, removed, copied and moved.
  • All or selected tracks can be saved in separate MIDI files. (View)
  • Tracks can have their name, instrument and volume changed.
  • Any MIDI event (meta, voice or system) can be added or updated. (View)
  • Song can be transposed in half-tones up or down and individual tracks can be transposed in 8va's.
  • Song tempos can be altered.
  • Song sections can be removed.
  • Voice events can be moved from one channel to another.
  • Pulse Per Quarter Note (PPQN) can be changed.
  • Bulk Editor allows tempo and time signature change to multiple MIDI files

MIDI File Playback
MidiYodi offers several navigation and playback controls.

  • Controls to start and pause playback in a tape recorder fashion.
  • Entire or selected sections of a song can be played in repeat mode.
  • Quick navigation by clicking anywhere in the song or jump to the next/previous meta lane event.
  • Controls to Mute or Solo any track.

Jukebox - Playlist Management
MidiYodi provides a Jukebox that allows several MIDI files to be managed in playlists and played sequentially. (View)

  • Open and save playlists.
  • Add, remove and reorder MIDI files in playlist.
  • Assign tempo, key and volume for each file to be used during playback.
  • Start and stop playback of playlist.
  • Selection of playback mode. (First-to-last, loop or one-by-one).

MidiYodi Customization
MidiYodi offers some useful and nice customization features. (View)

  • Language selection
  • Color theme selection.
  • Default examiner selection. (displayed when a track is double-clicked)
  • MIDI output device selection.
  • Startup file to load when MidiYodi is launched.
  • Meta information lanes to show in the main window and examiners.


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