MidiYodi 2019.1 released introducing bulk editing!

MidiYodi 2018.1 released.



MidiYodi can be downloaded and evaluated with minor limitations before purchase. (See purchase details here.)

MidiYodi is available on all major platforms including:

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
Mac OS X (10.7 or higher)
Unix (any dialect)

Download MidiYodi 2019.1 (Daejeon) for Windows

The Windows version is distributed as a, "ready-to-go", executable.

  1. Save downloaded file where you desire it to be launched.
  2. Launch MidiYodi by double-clicking the file.
    Windows and some anti-virus programs may notify that it comes from an unknown distributor. If that is the case there are, depending on windows version, simple ways to launch it anyway and once this has been done you will not be asked again.
See Java Considerations below.

Download MidiYodi 2019.1 (Daejeon) for Mac

MidiYodi is distributed as a Mac disk image (dmg).

  1. Save the downloaded dmg-file on your desktop and double click it.
    This will show show a window containing the MidiYodi app.
  2. Drag the MidiYodi app onto your desktop.
  3. Try to launch MidiYodi by double clicking the app.
    Most likely your Mac will complain that this comes from an unidentified developer. If that is the case:
    • Ctrl-click (or press mouse button 2) on the app and select Open from the popup menu.
    • You will be requested if you want to open it anyway. Please do so and MidiYodi will launch.
      From now on your Mac remembers that you trust this application.
  4. Drag the MidiYodi app to your Applications folder and launch it from there in the future.
See Java Considerations below.

Download MidiYodi 2019.1 (Daejeon) for Unix

The Unix version is distibuted as an executable jar-file.

  1. Save downloaded file where you desire it to be launched.
  2. Launch MidiYodi by double-clicking the file or open a shell window and issue the command:
    java -jar MidiYodi-2019.1.jar
See Java Considerations below.

Java Considerations

MidiYodi is developed in Java which requrie Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on your computer as well. JRE's are installed with earlier Mac versions and Unix OS'es and often it has also been installed on Windows due to other Java applications that has already been downloaded.
MidiYodi require JRE 1.8 or later (also known as Java 8)

If in doubt, check in the System Preferences on Mac or check by issuing the following command in a command prompt or shell window.

java -version

It shall respond with:

Java(TM) Runtime Environment (build 1.8.x....)

Where 1.8 is the latest major version of Java.

If Java Runtime Environment is not installed you can easily download it for free from here:

Download Java

Follow the instrucions to download and install JRE 8.

Release Notes

MidiYodi 2019.1 (Daejeon)

  • Introduced Bulk Editor that allows multiple files to have their tempo changed at once.

Additional Release Notes

Older Versions of MidiYodi
MidiYodi 2018.1 (Cagliari)
MidiYodi 2017.2 (Balzan)
MidiYodi 2017.1 (Aberdeen)


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